Join Ciderniks for a Tasting Session on the Red (On)Lion

Nick Edwards, of West Berkshire cider makers Ciderniks, will be hosting a tasting of five of their vegan-friendly drinks on 7 July at 6pm on CAMRA’s virtual pub, the Red (On)Lion.

Ciderniks has been making ciders, Pure Apple Juice and Cider Vinegar in Kintbury, West Berkshire since 2003. All their ciders are made from 100% pure apple juice pressed in Kintbury without the use of any additives. Each cider is allowed to ferment down to its natural level of dryness, the distinctive taste of each cider is down to the apples used in its making.

The ciders being tasted during the session are:

  • Combe Raider (6.5%) – made from a mixture of apple varieties, mainly cooking and eating apples, which are gathered locally. It is a light, dry cider.
  • Dab Hand (6.5%) – made from a blend of 75% Dabinett and 25% Michelin cider apples grown in Herefordshire. Dab Hand has a softer mouth feel, due to higher tannin levels, and a very different taste to Combe Raider.
  • Ten Years After (6.5%) – a blended cider to celebrate 10 years of Ciderniks’ cidermaking in 2013.
  • Freebird (7.0%) – made from a mix of cider and other apples grown in an orchard near Hungerford. It is a medium cider.
  • To be Frank (5.6%) – a single varietal cider made from Somerset Redstreak apples grown in Herefordshire. A light, medium-dry cider.

To sign up to the tasting session click here