Mapped: The Uk’s Favourite Cocktail Revealed

  • Since lockdown has taken effect 9,800 Google searches for cocktail recipes have been made in the last month
  • Signature cocktails such as mojitos, aperol spritz and pina colada top the list of Britain’s favourite cocktails
  • 23 cities in the UK pick an Espresso Martini as their favourite cocktail, making it the most popular choice

It’s no secret that Brits are fans of cocktails but with lockdown now being mandatory, bars all over the UK have had to close their doors. With the sun shining down and people taking to their gardens for picnics it’s no surprise that in the last month there have been 9,800 searches for cocktail recipes.

Eager to find out which cocktail is the UK’s favourite and most likely to be attempted during lockdown, online marketplace took to Google adwords to discover the most searched cocktails.

UK’s 15 Most Searched Cocktails:

  1. Mojito
  1. Pina Colada
  1. Espresso Martini
  1. Negroni
  1. Margarita
  1. Aperol Spritz
  1. Long island iced tea
  1. White russian
  1. Martini
  1. Bloody Mary
  1. Daiquiri
  1. Bellini
  1. Caipirinha
  1. Pornstar Martini
  1. Mai Tai


OnBuy checked the search volumes of each popular cocktail in the UK over the last month to find the top 15 favourites.

Data reveals that a Mojito is the most searched cocktail amongst Brits with 43,000 monthly searches.

One thing Brits have in common with Beyoncé?* Their love of Long Island Iced Teas! This cocktail ranked as the seventh most searched in the UK with over 32,000 monthly searches. Mai Tais may have fallen to the bottom of this list with 11,000 monthly searches but fans of this drink now share something in common with Pamela Anderson.

To get a better idea of each city’s favourite cocktail, OnBuy surveyed respondents from each UK city with populations of 100,000+ people. Respondents were given a choice of the 15 cocktails listed and were asked to pick their favourites. The results can be seen in the graphic above:

Espresso Martini was the most popular choice in the UK, 23 cities picked it as their favourite, including Bristol, Liverpool and Norwich.

Despite Mojitos being the most searched cocktail, it was placed as the second most popular in 15 of the cities surveyed such as Birmingham, Leicester and Nottingham claiming as their favourite.

Aperol Spritz, a summertime favourite, was the most popular cocktail in 14 UK cities such as Glasgow, Leeds and York. Only 4 cities picked a Bellini as their cocktail of choice, those cities being Cardiff, Dundee, Sunderland and Woking.

A Bloody Mary, also known as a hangover cure, was only the favourite of residents in Oldham. People in Middlesbrough are the only ones waving the Mai Tai flag proudly, much like residents in Poole who are the only ones to name Margaritas as their favourite.

A classic Martini is the top choice of people living in Rotherham only, unlike a Negroni which is the favourite of 6 UK cities: Bath, Cambridge, Edinburgh, London, Manchester and Oxford.

If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain then you’re not alone; 13 cities picked this as their favourite cocktail, some of those cities being Reading, Southampton and Peterborough.

Last and certainly not least was a Pornstar Martini which was the favourite of residents in both Basildon and Maidstone.