Mutiny Island Vodka was created by award winning chef Todd Manley in the beautiful island of St Croix. Mutiny Island Vodka unleashes an unforgettable taste that is distinctive, clear and clean. A true island vodka with a luxurious smoothness that takes you to the trade winds and blue waters of its island home.

We support the global community throughout our value chain with environmental initiatives, employment and retention, responsible agriculture processes, supporting breadfruit as an ingredient and food crop, and with great flavor and fun.

In April 2022 Mutiny Island Vodka was awarded a Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The Gold Medal recognises ‘exceptional spirits that set the standard in their categories’.

Founder Todd Manley said, ‘Breadfruit with its rich history and legacy, provided us with the type of vodka that we knew would be true to the island. Hand crafted Mutiny Island Vodka retains the character of the island and the breadfruit from which it is distilled’.

We strive to bring the rich, tropical experience of the U.S. Virgin Islands to consumers around the world with the world’s first and only island vodka made from breadfruit.

All natural ingredients come together for a silky smooth, versatile vodka and infusions that speak for themselves.