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Navigating NET-Zero: A Business’s Guide to Sustainability

Phrases such as ‘sustainable’, ‘net-zero’, ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘green’ are used everywhere, but what do they mean? To many consumers those words all mean the same and ultimately mean ‘good for the planet’. Consumers place trust in the claims made by businesses, so it’s important to get green claims right to protect your reputation and avoid visits from regulators.

Whether it’s beer that claims to be made using renewable energy, or a restaurant using local sourced ingredients, it’s clear that green sells. Even in the restaurant sector 7 out of 10 Brits believe that restaurants should be more sustainable (Source : Belu and Wateraid). Younger consumers in particular care about the environment with 69% of Generation Z consumers willing to pay more for sustainable products (Source : Statista) . Even during a cost-of-living crisis that’s affected the hospitality industry, consumers are still looking for green ways to spend their money. As retail guru Mary Portas puts it ‘Every £1 spent is a vote for how we want to live’ is a free government backed website, written by trading standards professionals, that helps you comply with consumer protection law, which includes green claims. This will help ensure that your green claims around your food, drink, and even the way your business operates will be legal. On the site you’ll find handy guides and leaflets that will help you to get your green claims right.

A good question to ask yourself around green claims, is “how can I prove this”? Also put yourself into the mind of your customer. Would your customers understand what a ‘sustainable meal’ or what a ‘responsibly sourced’ product is? If your green claims are vague, misleading, or not adequately explained, then you might not be complying with the law.

Getting green claims right from the beginning will save you time and money, and protect your reputation.

Top tips to getting environmental claims right:
• Make sure that you understand the difference between various definitions, such as sustainability, Eco designed and carbon footprint. Our free net zero guidance on can help you
• Make sure that every green claim you make can be backed up by evidence.
• As a professional you may know the meaning of green terminology such as ‘sustainable’, ‘environmentally friendly’ and ‘net-zero’, but most consumers don’t. Consumers will appreciate an explanation of how and why your product or service is green, and it will help you comply with the green claims code.
• Don’t be afraid to challenge your suppliers on their environmental claims.
• Familiarise yourself with the Competition and Market Authorities Green Claims Code
• If you need further information, or want to check if your products or services comply then download your copy of the free Net Zero guide available on

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