New Forest Hotel Flooded With Entries In Campaign To Reveal The UK’s Best ‘Monopoly Moments’

A luxury hotel in the New Forest has been inundated with entries in its bid to reveal the very best ‘Monopoly Moments’ – with board game bust ups ranging from cash hoarding to board lockdown.

At Balmer Lawn Hotel & Spa the dice have been rolled, the deeds have been traded, and the most memorable Monopoly Moments have been piling in. Following the New Forest twist on the classic board game and its successful launch at the hotel back in April, the hotel, which features on the new board, has shared some of its standout submissions.

With tales pouring in from all corners of the UK, Balmer Lawn’s panel of judges will now have the delightful task of reviewing each entry, relishing the stories that capture the essence of Monopoly’s unique blend of strategy, hilarity and, unsurprisingly, cheating!

The official winner will be announced on the 21st of August, shining the spotlight on the individual or family whose Monopoly Moment has resonated the most. From daring property trades to triumphant wins against all odds, these entries exemplify the spirit of the game and the joy it brings to players of all ages.

In one favourite, a charming and slightly awkward tale from past years resurfaced in an eager boyfriend’s bid to woo his new girlfriend’s parents. Brian Reeve told Balmer Lawn that amid a series of cordial conversations about life, work, and interests, the dice rolled and an ill-fated turn landed him on Whitechapel. His new girlfriend’s parents advised him to buy the property, to which he responded “No, who on earth would want to live in Whitechapel?”. Stunned silence ensued as her father stated they had lived in Whitehall for 30 years.

Further showcasing Monopoly’s abilities to create ruts between families, Amanda Jallands’ children were part of an unexpected battle of wits with their almost 80-year-old nan who had triumphed over them. Feeling deflated and somewhat fatigued by their Grandma’s win, the children commented: “Why can’t nanny fall asleep in front of the TV like most old people? She’s exhausting!”

On the other end of the spectrum, the hotel has had stories of players who adhere to the rules with wavering dedication. In Jackie O’Neill’s family, a lack of trust in leaving the game unattended led them to relocate the Monopoly board to the garden shed under lock and key, reviving nostalgic memories of growing up together.

General Manager, Michael Clitheroe, expressed his enthusiasm for the search for the best stories, stating: “Our quest for the best ‘Monopoly Moments’ revealed so many heartfelt and often hilarious stories, revealing that Monopoly is not just a board game, but something that allows us to build bonds with our loved ones and kindle treasured memories.”

Michael continued: “Each entry paints a familiar picture of families strategising, joking, and relishing in each other’s company, encapsulating the essence of what makes the Monopoly experience truly unforgettable. As we plan to unveil the winners next week, we eagerly await hosting them, celebrating the spirit of the board game marked by laughter, connection, and cherished memories”.

Balmer Lawn’s Monopoly Moments campaign has allowed the panel to ‘pass go’ and collect heartwarming tales that are cherished by the families and friends of the entrees.