#Respectwine: A Worldwide Campaign To Prohibit The Use Of Ice In Wine

With the hashtag #respectwine the french restauranteur Alexandre Callet , nine years in Michelin Guide, launches a global campaign to promote respect for wine and the work of viticulturists. Including the goal of banning ice served in wine.

With the worlds most famous soda can celebrating 100 years in France, Alexandre Callet, restaurateur in Paris, launches a global campaign now to promote a respectful consumption of wine, that prohibits the use of ice in the glass : Wine, if you truly love it, would never be drunk with ice.

Ice cubes, more dangerous to French wine than Trump

The enemy is not always the one we suspect. While the tax policies of Donald trump create a media frenzy, there is another danger at large for future generations: Ice cubes in wine.
With the hashtag #respectwine, Alexandre Callet  launches a global campaign to promote a respectful consumption of an iconic product that we can’t drink with ice cubes like a soda.

The fight against “Ketchupisation”

“In the same way as we have begun to add ketchup to traditional dishes, putting ice cubes in a glass of wine is nonsense” explains, Alexandre Callet. “ With just a couple of degrees of difference, a fine bottle of wine can be ruined in seconds with ice cubes.” If we don’t respect the work, the quality of the wine will degrade. What is the point of recognising quality if we then add ice cubes. It is vital to protect the fastidious work of wine makers and the professionals