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Riso Gallo Supplier to COP26 Summit in Glasgow (UK)

Riso Gallo, the Italian Rice & Risotto Experts, are proud to be a supplier to the COP26 summit in the UK.

The city of Glasgow is hosting the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) from 31st October to 12th November 2021. The aim is to unite the world in achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

In line with the aims of the Conference, Riso Gallo has been chosen as supplier for the rice and risotto meals offered during the event: Riso Gallo, in fact, is the first European miller bringing to the European markets some of the most well-known varieties, as Arborio, Carnaroli and Basmati, from sustainable agriculture. This means that Riso Gallo has created a community of farmers, both in Italy (for risotto varieties) and Punjab (for Basmati), whose participants have committed to the introduction of specific measures focused on environmental as well as social responsibility, as verified by external auditors, according to the most prestigious international sustainability schemes. These commitments have been summed up in the so called “Rice Paper”, that has been signed by more than 120 partners (just in Italy).

Riso Gallo’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond the field phase and includes also reducing energy consumption (Riso Gallo uses energy from 100% Renewable Sources in its plants), waste produced and CO2 emissions, as monitored by external auditors; moreover, Riso Gallo is the first European rice producer introducing a flexible plastic material suitable to be recycled, as stated by external analysis, to vacuum technology for the rice market.

Enhancing a real circular economy, Riso Gallo is involved as a shareholder in some innovative start-ups, upgrading the value of rice by-products, involving Ricehouse, in which rice materials are used in building houses, with minimum energy impact; and MOGU, the use of recycled materials for design and furniture.

Carlo Preve, Riso Gallo, commented; “Several years ago we made it our aim to become the first European rice miller to be Sustainable, and commit to our farmers. We are proud to be able to work with the chefs on delivering these products, and Sustainable rice to COP26.”