Sacha Lord Calls For Reopening Of Hospitality

Greater Manchester’s night time economy advisor Sacha Lord has called for the reopening of the hospitality sector alongside non-essential retail as part of a return to the Covid-19 tiered system.

The comment came in response to foreign secretary Dominc Raab’s confirmation on the BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show that a phased transition out of national lockdown in March is likely to take place.

The Foreign Secretary said “the aim is by the middle of February to have 88% of those most at risk of dying coronavirus vaccinated with their first jab, and by the early spring to have 99%”.

I think it is true to say that when we get to a situation in the early spring, perhaps March, if we succeed in hitting those targets, we may have made good progress so far, and we can start to think about phased transition out of national lockdown. I think it is fair to say it won’t be a big bang if you like it will be done phase, possibly back to the tiered approach that we had before”

Commenting on Social Media Mr Lord said” “Dominic Raab has just confirmed on the plan is to return back to a Tier system in March Hospitality must reopen at the same time as non-essential retail. We must also be given at least 2 weeks’ notice, to enable to re stock, re order, rota staff etc.”