Sanremo Coffee Machines is an Italian espresso machine and coffee grinder manufacturer that designs and produces professional equipment dedicated to coffee extraction enthusiasts.

Sanremo’s machines are designed and hand-built in Treviso, Italy. Creating one of the widest ranges of traditional espresso equipment from a single brand in the world.

From their entry-level CUBE machines perfect for the home enthusiast or small bar operations to their Café Racer range, the machines are designed to deliver the consistency and quality required for the busiest of speciality coffee outlets.

Design and technology are at the heart of how Sanremo construct machines, giving baristas the controls required and a workspace which enables them to be efficient. Matched with an engineering quality using the best materials available for the task at hand, with a focus on sustainable life-long components and high levels of insulation and thermal stability to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption and costs.

During 2023 Sanremo Coffee Machines opened its first global Hub in South Kensington, London. Creating a destination spot for coffee lovers and enthusiasts to create the best coffee possible. It showcases the full range of machines along with hosting events throughout the year to bring the UK and Global coffee community together. The Hub is open to the public and no appointment is required to come and experience all the brand has to offer.

With Sanremo’s unwavering passion and dedication to innovate, 2024 is again set to represent another milestone in its history with the launch of a new machine that completely reimagines what is achievable at an entry-level machine, matched with Sanremo’s distinctive design and customisation options. Called the D8 it will be launched in the UK at the end of April.

If you are interested in finding out more about Sanremo you can visit their website or contact them via phone or email 01364 644445.