Soho’s Admiral Duncan to Host Commemorative Event in Honour of 25th Bombing Anniversary

On Tuesday, 30th April from 5pm, the Admiral Duncan in London’s Soho is welcoming the LGBTQ+ community, regulars, locals, and allies to the venue to join its celebration of life and to commemorate its history.

25 years ago, the Admiral Duncan was at the centre of a three-part extremist bombing. The one-man campaign intended to stir up ethnic and homophobic tensions and the tragedy sent shockwaves through the nation. However, the event marked an important and positive shift in the relationship between the LGBTQ+ community and the Metropolitan Police force who compassionately dealt with the aftermath of the scene.

As the nation reeled in shock, the London community rallied together, and a huge meeting was organised in Soho Square on the Sunday following the attack and was attended by people in their thousands. Among the impassioned speeches was the Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner, who led the search for the perpetrator and who ensured those taking witness statements and gathering evidence were all LGBTQ+ members of the police force. This marked one of the first displays of unity and understanding between the LGBTQ+ community and the police force in London.

With great pride, the Admiral Duncan rebuilt itself and to this day remains an integral part of Soho’s cultural fabric and an important venue for the LGBTQ+ community and beyond within London’s nightlife scene.

On 30th April, the Admiral Duncan team invites guests to join them at the venue from 5pm to commemorate the occasion and celebrate the growth in acceptance and support the community now has. At 6pm a service at St Anne’s Churchyard will be held to remember those who lost their lives before returning to the Admiral Duncan to raise a glass to those who were affected. The pub will also be putting on an evening of Cabaret in honour of the community.

At the Admiral Duncan there is a memorial chandelier with an inscription and a plaque in the bar to pay respects to the people that lost their lives and were injured in the blast.

The Admiral Duncan is part of a 17 site LGBTQ+ group of pubs in London that was recently celebrated for raising a phenomenal £60,000 for Stonewall Housing, a UK based charity dedicated to supporting thousands of LGBTQ+ people across the nation to access safe housing when they are facing homelessness.