Star Pubs & Bars Supports its Scottish & Welsh Leased & Tenanted Pubs with Rent Concessions

Scottish & Welsh pubs receive 30% reduction to help with Covid restrictions

Following its £62 million rent support since March 2020, Star Pubs & Bars today announced that it is offering all its pubs on core leased & tenanted agreements in Scotland and Wales 30% rent reductions to support them while they are subject to additional Government restrictions.

The rent concessions come into effect from 26th December in Wales and 27th December in Scotland, when the restrictions were imposed on hospitality, and will remain under review in the event of any Government policy alterations and additional Government support for the pub sector.

Lawson Mountstevens, Managing Director Star Pubs & Bars, HEINEKEN UK, says: “The end of 2021 was hugely disappointing for pubs in Scotland and Wales due to the significant additional restrictions they had imposed on them during the festive period, which has been a real body blow to the industry.

“With many pubs suffering a downturn in trade as a result of the reintroduction of restrictions in Wales and Scotland we believe the best support we can provide at this time is to offer rent concessions.

“We’ll also continue to lobby the UK, Scottish and Welsh Governments to provide further meaningful long-term support to the industry including alcohol duty reductions and business rates reform.

“We’re living through unpredictable times which are challenging for individual pubs and for the industry as a whole. However, we have sought to be consistent in the rent support that we provide our licensees while Government restrictions are in place. Throughout the pandemic we have endeavoured to be fair, equitable and transparent with our rent support and will continue to be so.”