UK Cities “Most Expensive” Pints

Research has revealed the UK’s most expensive places to buy a pint.

Data collected by healthcare company found London once again the most expensive with the average pint there being £5.60, Bristol was second with the average price of £4.76 put together a comparison of alcohol, taxi and takeaway prices in the UK’s most populous 15 cities to find out where the most expensive and cheapest nights out were.

GP clinical lead at Dr. Daniel Atkinson said: “We’ve done this to help give people living in or around these cities an idea of what they might be spending when they go for a typical night out.

“Our intention is to help people think about what they might be spending on a night out, how this might be impacting on our health and what healthier alternatives may be available to us. It’s important to stress, however, that getting out, socialising and seeing friends is in itself a great way to wind down and relieve stress, and can be beneficial to our mental wellbeing.”

“We’re not suggesting that people shouldn’t go out and spend time with their friends or family. We just want to highlight that there may be other, healthier ways to do this, than spending an entire evening drinking alcohol.”

The UK prices are a stark contrast to prices in Europe, with the average pint of price and hungry (Budapest) coming in at £2 and in Prague cost of a pint of beer coming in £1, Germany £2.12, Belgium £1.27, and Spain £1.69