UK Hospitality Scotland Welcomes Calorie Labelling Delay

The Scottish Government has today announced that it will be delaying the planned implementation of mandatory calorie labelling.

Responding to this announcement, UKHospitality Scotland Executive Director Leon Thompson said:

“I’m pleased the Scottish Government has listened to the concerns of UKHospitality Scotland and delayed the introduction of mandatory calorie labelling.

“The planned introduction was additional red-tape that hospitality businesses scarcely need and would have come with enormous cost. The implementation of calorie labelling in England is costing affected businesses, on average, £20,000 per year and it was crucial that was avoided in Scotland.

“With customer preference on this issue incredibly variable and a lack of evidence that calorie labelling makes a meaningful difference, it’s no surprise that the vast majority are opposed to its introduction.

“I would urge the Scottish Government to permanently drop this policy and focus on reducing red-tape for businesses, not increasing it.”