Sustainability shouldn’t be difficult. But, with ever present energy demands leisure and hospitality organisations are potentially significant contributor to UK carbon emissions.

However, as a sector, it has been one of the first to lead the charge in sustainable practices. Activities such as responsible sourcing of ingredients through local suppliers has become a familiar activity for many businesses, defining a brand and encouraging engagement from new customers who are increasingly aware of, and seeking to participate in collaboration with brands which empower them to make eco-conscious choices more easily.

The existence of such sustainable culture is particularly advantageous when addressing the more challenging technical challenges of addressing sustainability within our buildings. Water heating – which alone can account for anywhere up to 30% of overall daily energy demands – is inherently more complex and expensive in the commercial sector as regulations are more exacting to ensure the safety of staff and customer alike.

Addressing the sustainability of inherently business-critical water heating is the most straight-forward and therefore cost-effective way to unlock energy savings. Working as a ‘closed system’ water heating is easier to upgrade without major structural changes, the focus being on the plant room storage and heat sources, whether gas, or preferably electric and renewables in the shape of air source heat pumps (ASHP) and/or solar thermal. The renewables are deployed in a hybrid approach to provide low carbon pre-heat, reduce the energy demands on gas or more expensive electric, offsetting operational costs, reducing carbon emissions, and as a bonus avoiding costly scale buildup in hard water areas.

A well-designed water heating system will actively meet demands when required, minimising flow and return to avoid waste energy. When combined with hot water conservation efforts which can include low-flow showerheads or tap aerators, there is a real opportunity to cut wasteful energy demands from a daily service supply. Such practical responses are eminently repeatable and very demonstrable, enabling capital investment in sustainability to be clearly communicated to both staff and customers, building trust and attracting the environmentally conscious.

Adveco can help your sustainability strategy with hot water system metering, design and supply to maximise investment and minimise buildings works.