Victus Emporium is a family run wholesaler of speciality foods, working with artisan producers from across Europe.
With over 35 years’ experience in the hospitality and retail sectors, our passion for exceptional ingredients and food products runs deep within the families roots.

We aim to supply unique, high quality products from across Europe that have a point of difference and can compete on price and service.

An enormous amount of time is invested contacting suppliers and researching the market, so we can have the upmost confidence that our products are the best.

Aneto Broths is one such company who have a range of outstanding products.

Aneto Broths are made just as you would in the kitchen. Using only the best, freshest, quality ingredients, Aneto Broths are 100% natural and do not include any additives, concentrates, preservatives or flavourings. Just great tasting, fresh, natural ingredients.

For example, the vegetables are bought from social cooperative and the chicken stock has full animal welfare certification.

Products with this label will come from animals raised on farms where four basic principles of animal welfare are employed; feed, housing, health and animal behaviour is assessed.

In addition to this, 87% of the packaging, including the cap, is made of plant-based materials thus reducing CO2 emissions by 18% compared to the same packaging with fossil plastic.

For more information on Victus Emporium and our wider range or if you wish to place an order, please see our website or email or call 01172 421669.