Hailed as a ‘much-needed evolution for the kitchen’, LittlePod’s natural vanilla paste is used by professional chefs across the UK and all over the world.

Founded in 2010, the East Devon ingredients company is preparing to celebrate its 14th anniversary this year.

To mark the occasion, Janet Sawyer MBE BEM – LittlePod’s Managing Director and Founder – is on a mission to discover how those chefs who use the company’s most-popular product keep it real in their kitchens.

“Do you use LittlePod? Please get in touch, tell us your story and share news of how you use our vanilla and other natural products,” Janet said. “In 2014, Stephane Delourme joined us to mark National Real Vanilla Day, an occasion that has since become International Real Vanilla Day, and one that we still celebrate each year on October 17th. Stephane told us how he loves to use LittlePod’s vanilla paste at Rick Stein’s Seafood Restaurant in Padstow. Ever since then, we’ve made a point of keeping in touch with our chefs and sharing their stories with our followers and all those who support our Campaign For Real Vanilla.”

LittlePod’s research shows professional chefs find the company’s vanilla paste easy to use, with the recyclable aluminium tube proving good to handle in the kitchen environment, and the versatile product’s consistency aiding portion control and reducing wastage.

“Convenience, quality and affordability combined – it’s a no-brainer,” said Jamie Raftery, The Holistic Chef, who uses LittlePod vanilla in the plant-based dishes he creates in his kitchen in Thailand.

“I love using LittlePod; every chef should have it,” added Peter Gorton, Master Chef of Great Britain. “It’s so versatile and saves so much time without compromising on quality.”

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