Welsh Licensing Scheme Needs to Level Accommodation Playing Field

UKHospitality Cymru has called for Welsh Government to use a new statutory licensing scheme to create a “level playing field” between established serviced accommodation businesses and the short-term let sector.

UKHospitality Cymru Executive Director David Chapman said:
“Our established hotels, inns and guest houses have developed a top-quality reputation for looking after their customers and we want these highest standards to be evident in all other parts of the sector once the new scheme is introduced.

“Serviced accommodation is a highly regulated sector and it prides itself in its compliance to the highest level with Government regulation and the resultant duty of care for our visitors and guests that comes with this.

In its response to the Welsh Government’s consultation on a proposed licensing scheme for all accommodation providers, UKHospitality Cymru is clear that any new scheme must not provide any further regulation for the hotel sector and recommends any future scheme automatically grants licences for businesses already recorded with the Welsh Government, for example through business rates, and excludes them from any additional inspections.

“UKHospitality Cymru is pleased the Welsh Government is taking this issue seriously. Serviced accommodation has transparent processes; we’ve been asking for a level playing field through regulation for several years,” said Chapman.