Wetherspoon Considers Name Change Of Pub Whose Sign Was Targeted In Anti-Racism Protest

A Wetherspoons pub called Elihu Yale located in Wrexham is considering changing its name in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Elihu Yale is allegedly named after a rich merchant claimed to have been involved in the slave trade, and a petition was launched to encourage a name change, stating people with connections to slavery should not be celebrated.

Wetherspoon said it used Elihu Yale’s name because he was a benefactor of Yale University, and while the sign the pubco removed in 2017 portrayed a black figure kneeling beside Yale, Wetherspoon said it was unaware of any connection between Yale and the slave trade.

In a statement, J D Wetherspoon said: “We called it The Elihu Yale because he was involved in the foundation of what is now Yale University in the US, as we understand it.

“We will look into these allegations, which are very concerning. Wetherspoon is certainly willing to consider a change of name.”