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1000s of Drinkers Demand Energy Bill Help to Save Nation’s Locals as Long-term Pub Closures Double

1000s of drinkers demand energy bill help to save nation’s locals as long-term pub closures double CAMRA members across the UK are contacting their local MPs to demand urgent help to save beloved pubs and breweries from permanent closure.

Beer drinkers and pub goers across the country are being mobilised in their thousands to contact their local MPs, pushing for Government action on energy bills to stop beloved local pubs and breweries having to close for good.

The consumer group which has around 160,000 members across the UK says that the number of long-term and permanent pub closures is set to grow unless the new Government uses tomorrow’s announcement on energy to tackle the crisis facing the licensed trade.

The plea from CAMRA members and supporters comes as the consumer group publishes new statistics today showing that the number of long-term pub closures – where the business has failed, or the future of the pub is uncertain – has doubled in the first half of this year from the second half of 2021.

In the last half of 2021, 254 pubs were recorded as ‘long term closed’, at a rate of 9.8 per week, but in the first half of 2022 this had increased to 485, or a rate of 18.7 per week.

CAMRA has also written to the new Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Jacob Rees-Mogg, detailing examples of licensees across the UK struggling with bills or choosing to close their business altogether in the face of skyrocketing energy costs.

Commenting, CAMRA Chairman Nik Antona said:
“CAMRA’s pub closure figures show that in the first six months of this year the number of long-term pub closures has doubled from the latter half of 2021. We fear that this rate is set to go through the roof unless pubs get the urgent help that they need to deal with the energy bills crisis.

“With pubs and breweries facing increases in their energy bills of up to 500% they need urgent support from the new Prime Minister. Otherwise, they face an impossible choice of passing on costs to customers resulting in a £15 or £20 pint – or closing their doors for good.

“That’s why CAMRA is asking all of its members and supporters to contact their local MP and keep up the pressure on the new Prime Minister for urgent action to save the UK’s world-renowned pubs and breweries. Anyone can join in by going to

“It is encouraging to see reports of an announcement on energy this week. This must provide support quickly to the licensed trade and should also be followed by changes to duty charged on beer and cider served in pubs, clubs and taprooms, a cut in VAT for food and alcohol served in pubs, and changes to the unfair business rates system.”