For fresh menu inspiration with nostalgia, elevate your food offer with a twist!

Including a different potato shape will increase variety and liven up your menu without adding effort in the kitchen.

Lamb Weston invented the original Twisters in 1983 using a patented knife to create the curly shape. Since then, Twisters have

ALWAYS been cut from whole potatoes and are NEVER reformed, giving more taste, better flavour and more natural goodness.

Twisters offer a high innovation value, meaning you can provide an exciting loaded fries option or serve them alone and capture the imagination of a nostalgic classic for consumers. Children and young families love the fun and entertainment that Twisters provides and as an affordable snacking option, it shows that treats don’t have to be expensive.

Lamb Weston’s Twisters are also a Chef’s secret weapon. Not only do Twisters give guests extra experience, but did you know that they also yield 15% more portions per kg*? This means that for every 100 portions sold of regular fries, Twisters delivers an extra 15 portions per day – this means an additional 3,000 extra portions per year! There’s also a shorter cooking time, resulting in less energy consumption too.

Lamb Weston’s UK Marketing Manager, Craig Wescott, says: “We are really proud of Twisters at Lamb Weston and we are all very excited to launch our first global marketing campaign this March. Twisters are a fun, exciting classic and offer a unique experience which consumers and operators alike are bound to love. My favourite Twisters recipe is our ‘No Nacho’ Mexican sharer, but there are so many ways you can customise them – have fun!”

* Lamb Weston study: From 10kg of product Private Reserve 9×9 the yield is 64 portions compared to 74 portions of Seasoned Twisters. Average weight per portion: Private Reserve 9×9 106g vs. Seasoned Twisters 101.9g

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