BBPA Predicts 4.8 M Pints Of Low And No Alcohol Beer Will Be Sold This Month

‘Dry January’ has traditionally been viewed as a quieter month for the beer and pub industry, with consumers abstaining from alcohol and reducing their visits to the pub.

However, driven by health-conscious consumers, demand for a greater range and quality of low alcohol and no-alcohol beers in the UK is greater than ever before. In fact, as a category, ‘low and no alcohol beer’ has grown by 232% in just five years (2013 to 2018).

During Dry January alone, the BBPA predicts that 4.8 million pints of low and no alcohol beer will be sold.

Whether on draught or off the shelf, for the 4.2 million people participating in Dry January who still crave a refreshing beer, the BBPA has highlighted a small example of the rapidly growing range and variety of non-alcoholic lagers and ales to satisfy all tastes.

“Those taking part in Dry January or reducing their drinking have plenty of alternatives from brewers and pubs to see them through the month.

“The range and quality of non-alcoholic beers in the UK has never been better. Some are even available on tap in pubs, making them the perfect option for those doing Dry January who are thirsty for a pint.

“It’s also important to remember that pubs are more than just places to drink. They now serve upwards of one billion meals a year, so anyone participating in Dry January can still enjoy a visit to their local for food and a non-alcoholic beer.”