BBPA Responds To Leaked Proposals For Calorie Labelling On Pints

Industry pub trade association British Beer & Pub Association has slammed government plans to force venues to disclose how many calories are in alcoholic drinks, saying the move would be akin to “kicking pubs and brewers when they are down”.

Responding to the reports, Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the British Beer & Pub Association, said:

“Proposals to force calorie labelling on pints sold in pubs are ludicrous – and especially outrageous at this difficult time. After more than a year of being forced to close fully or operate under severe loss-making restrictions, now is not the time to heap burdensome and expensive regulation on our pubs.

“Our pubs are on their knees and the Government already knows this. Calorie labelling would be kicking pubs and brewers when they are down.

“We have very serious concerns on the impact these proposals would have on the sector and on consumers.

“The British people have had months without going to their local. It has been tough mentally and socially. Let them enjoy it again and let our businesses rebuild. We must remember that after so much enforced isolation, the pub has an important role to play in tackling loneliness and improving mental health.”