Burnt Chef Project Partners With Peopleful To Launch Independent Wellbeing Evaluation For Hospitality Businesses

The Burnt Chef Project’s latest partnership sees the launch of an independent, data-driven wellbeing evaluation for hospitality businesses. The diagnostic tool, powered by Peopleful, uses objective metrics to understand the impact of the work environment on employee wellbeing and its effects on individual and organisational outcomes.

The scientifically accredited assessment can help hospitality organisations:

  1. Understand how staff are experiencing their working environment
  2. Evaluate the root causes of people risks
  3. Use data to inform practical changes where needed

Following the assessment, businesses receive an anonymised group-level report providing detailed insight into employee wellbeing and performance, alongside the organisational dynamics driving it, a heat map of the business indicating where things are working well, and where they’re not, to enable targeted action and prioritisation, and individual wellbeing reports for each employee outlining their psychological fitness, and signposting them to relevant resources and support from The Burnt Chef Project.

The service will help businesses understand how their greatest people risks are affecting performance and the costs attributed to this, where and why people are burning out, the cost of presenteeism to the business, team dynamics and how to learn from highly productive people within the business.

Founder of The Burnt Chef Project Kris Hall said “Here at The Burnt Chef Project, we work hard every day to instigate positive change and ensure our great industry continues to improve. Our latest innovative tool not only provides measurable and forward-thinking steps to help you improve and address the biggest areas of concern but works to douse those fires by improving your team’s health, wellbeing and performance and ultimately your bottom line. Let’s stop looking at this industry as a speeding train heading off the tracks, but as a profession that we can continue to nurture and sculpt into one of the best careers in the world”.

More than four out of five (84%) hospitality workers reported increased stress which was believed to be a direct consequence of their job. The working culture of the hospitality sector is currently stressful and demanding: three quarters (74%) have reported being verbally abused by a customer with many employees reporting poor mental health and wellbeing, with one in five (20%) reporting severe mental health problems they believe to be a direct result of their job. As a result, almost half (45%) of respondents said they would not recommend working in hospitality*.

Kris Hall said “The high-stress environment and normally unsocial hours are cliches of the industry now but they carry with them a real cost which The Burnt Chef Project are actively tackling with our powerful suite of tools designed to support hospitality businesses and crucially the employees who work within them”.

Georgie Mack, Founder and CEO of Peopleful, said “We’re very inspired by everything The Burnt Chef Project is championing. It takes a degree of courage to hold the mirror up to your own organisation and to take a long, hard look. The good news is that small changes can often make a big difference but you need to know where to make them. It’s also important to say this is not just about the things that need fixing – it’s also about amplifying the positive.”

For enquiries about how this service can be rolled out across your business, please contact info@theburntchefproject.com