Business And Workers Need Workforce-Certainty In Post-Brexit World

ChefsUKHospitality has called for Government to provide additional clarity for businesses and the economy in the event of a No-Deal Brexit. This follows reports that Government is planning to end freedom of movement from 1st November.

Earlier this week the UK government has said EU free movement rules will end immediately if there is a no-deal Brexit on 31 October.

Former Prime Minister Theresa May had considered phasing out the rules if the UK leaves the EU without an agreement, however those plans have now been abandoned.

The change would affect the rights of EU citizens who arrive in the UK from November onwards.

The Lib Dem’s has criticised the move as “irresponsible and reckless”.

Under Mrs May, two options had been considered to prolong the rules, which allow EU nationals to live and work freely in other countries in the bloc, under no deal.

One option was for the rules to be extended until January 2021, and another was to allow EU citizens to stay for three months before applying for a longer stay.

Those plans have been dropped by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in favour of a new approach to be set out at a later stage.

Kate Nicholls, UKHospitality CEO, said: “The Government has taken great steps to safeguard the rights of those EU citizens in the UK ahead of Brexit. Although the majority of staff in the sector are home-grown, businesses do need to look to overseas talent to augment their teams.

“We now need more certainty for those that come to the country from 1st November until a new immigration policy is in place. A situation akin to the implementation period would be welcomed by business. We would urge Government to share their proposals on the status of EU citizens after Brexit and reiterate their guarantees to current EU citizens.”