CAMRA Encourages People to Use Bus Ticket Cap to Support Pubs Sustainably in 2023

The Campaign for Real Ale has also written to the Government, asking them to make the £2 cap permanent.

The Campaign for Real Ale is encouraging beer and pub lovers to take advantage of capped bus fares to support pubs and social clubs in England through the quieter New Year period.

The scheme, announced last year, uses Government funding to help bus operators cap single journeys in England at £2.

With the cost-of-living crisis causing everyone to consider the affordability of leisure activities, schemes that help reduce the cost of travel, and provide a way to visit pubs and brewers through more sustainable modes of transport, should be welcomed.

CAMRA Chairman, Nik Antona said:
“The early months of the year are notoriously hard for the licensed trade. This year, pubs, social clubs, brewers and cider makers are also having to contend with a cost-of-business crisis. While early indications are that Christmas trade was returning to pre-pandemic levels, our beloved locals are still in a precarious situation, with a significant rollback in energy support from April.”

“Schemes like this, which help people get to the pub in a more affordable and environmentally friendly way should be applauded, and we encourage everyone to take advantage to support local pubs, social clubs, brewers and cider makers through what will be a tough winter season.”

CAMRA are also asking the Buses Minister, Richard Holden MP, to make the scheme permanent.

In a letter to the Minister, the Campaign’s Chairman, Nik Antona, said:
“A thriving public transport network goes hand in hand with a thriving hospitality sector. It is important that people can get to pubs and social clubs using accessible and sustainable methods of transport. Therefore, we would like you to introduce a permanent funding for a fare capping scheme in the Spring Budget.”