Chef Philli Cooks With The Sausage Man And Lamb Weston

The Sausage Man teams up with Lamb Weston to inspire operators with innovative, celebratory dishes for the coming summer months. Chef Philli Armitage-Mattin, Master Chef the Professionals 2020 Finalist, Chef Philli Armitage-Mattin joins the two companies to help kick-off the collaboration in style!

Joy is in the air as people across the land anticipate letting loose and whooping it up after lockdown is lifted. So, there’s no better time to share our exciting news – we at The Sausage Man are excited to announce our exciting new partnership with Lamb Weston! Their high quality range of British potato products compliment our authentic German range perfectly.

Street Food, outdoor eating, delivery and fusion cuisine will all play a big role for operators reopening in 2021 so how can pubs, restaurants and food truck owners surprise their guests easily with tantalising new recipes? The Sausage Man and Lamb Weston have the solution – and who better than Chef Philli to cook up some of the yummiest, most irresistible and instagrammable recipes to celebrate the partnership.

Think German food fused with exciting flavours. One typically traditional German dish is currywurst and fries, packed full of spice. So why not go crazy for Chef Philli’s katsu curry with crispy panko bread-crumbed Bratwurst from The Sausage Man, and togarashi fries using Lamb Weston Hot2Home or Stealth fries?

“How can you improve upon sausage and mash or a hot dog with fries? Chef Philli has dreamed up some super creative, highly flavoursome recipes for us such as Korean Kogo – sausage and fries on a stick – that is so Instagramable consumers and operators will love it!” said Andrea Deutschmanek, Lamb Weston’s International Marketing Lead, Northern Europe. “We gave her the freedom to create these dishes and she stunned us with strong and bold flavours that will wow!”

“Being a chef is about being passionate and creative. It’s about being an artist. We use simple foods and turn them into beautiful creations. Just like Lamb Weston’s products, The Sausage Man’s products are perfect for this!” says Chef Philli.

“When designing dishes today we have access to a larder of worldwide ingredients. This gives you the ultimate creativity. Along with that, it’s important to make dishes colourful and Instagramable. People want their food be beautiful on the plate. The camera eats first.

“I’ve created some simple sausage-based dishes with Lamb Weston and The Sausage Man, fused with flavours from around the world, that both look and taste fantastic. I hope keen cooks will take these ideas and build on them.

“My passion is creating delicious dishes that you crave and simplifying them so that the recipes are easy to make for everyone. I love Asian cuisine, and have really enjoyed experimenting to find the best ways to fuse Asian flavours with these traditional German favourites.”

Joshua Grocott, Marketing Director for The Sausage Man, said: “Chef Philli delivered some extraordinary dishes, completely reimagining ‘sausage and chips’ as a concept. Using the quintessentially British chips of Lamb Weston and our authentic German sausages as a starting point, Chef Philli tied in complimentary flavours from around the world to develop tasty plates that please the eye as well as the taste buds. This menu is easy to recreate, especially with Chef Philli’s step-by-step videos, and every recipe looks and tastes fantastic!”

Check out the first episode of “Cooking with Chef Philli” here now (full recipe on our website here: