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Conservative Leadership Contenders Invited Down to their Local to Talk About the Future of the UK’s Pubs

Conservative leadership contenders Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss have been invited for a drink of their choice at their favourite pub for a chat with CAMRA about the need to protect the UK’s beloved locals and safeguard the country’s tradition of socialising at the pub.

CAMRA has offered to get the drinks in for both contenders – if they are willing to meet CAMRA representatives to hear about the benefits that pubs and breweries bring to communities and the economy across the country.

CAMRA also want both candidates to commit to action to help businesses cope with sky-high energy prices, the rising cost of goods and a dip in consumer confidence. It comes as research from CAMRA last month found that for the first time most people (52%) think the average price of a pint is unaffordable.

The group, which represents around 170,000 pub goers, wants to see the next Prime Minister commit to protecting and promoting the UK’s world-famous pubs and breweries by:
• Taking action on astronomical energy bills faced by businesses in the beer and pubs sector
• More help with the burden of business rates – and changing the system altogether so pubs aren’t penalised and online businesses pay a fair share
• Bringing forward the introduction of the new system of taxing alcohol, with a bigger cut in duty for beer and cider served on tap in pubs, taprooms and social clubs
• Making sure this new system of duty on draught beer and cider applies to smaller containers so small, independent breweries, cider producers and pubs can benefit

Commenting, CAMRA national chairman Nik Antona said:
“I’m inviting Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss to join me for a drink of their choice in their local so we can chat about how our pubs are a force for good in our communities. Whether you drink alcohol or not, they play a valuable role in bringing people together, tackling loneliness and social isolation.”

“Sadly, many pubs which survived the pandemic are now under threat once again from rocketing energy bills and the hugely increased cost of goods which means many licensees are struggling to turn a profit.

“Without help from the next Prime Minister, we risk pubs and breweries closing their doors for good – with devastating effects for communities and local economies up and down the country.

“I hope that both candidates take up this offer and meet me to chat about how they can help to save our pubs.”