Consort Claudgen is renowned for its innovative heating solutions. Recently, they introduced the Consort Connect app that enables users to control their heating units from anywhere using their smartphone or tablet. The app is free and downloadable from Google Play or Apple Store. It can control Consort’s Wi-Fi enabled heaters and SL heaters connected to an SLPBWIFI wireless controller.

The Consort Connect app is easy to set up. It provides quick access to four operating modes and a 7-day timer with twenty-four daily heating periods. The Connect app offers complete customisation, allowing users to modify the settings of every connected heater according to their preferences. Users can keep track of the app’s energy consumption statistics to increase energy efficiency and monitor consumption.

The app has several noteworthy features, including custom automation and a security lock function to prevent unauthorised access to the system. It also features an open window detection, which reacts intelligently to a sudden temperature change in the area or room. Additionally, the SLPBWIFI controller and Consort heaters with Wi-Fi and occupancy sensor have a self-learning control ability. This sophisticated feature uses occupancy and temperature sensors to detect and learn a user’s weekly presence in a room. It then creates a heating schedule and automatically warms the room according to the detected or predicted occupancy. When the room is unoccupied, the heater will conserve energy by switching to a setback temperature or frost protection mode.

Those interested in learning more about this exciting offering from Consort Claudgen can contact one of their sales representatives via phone at 01646 692172, or visit their website at to discover how they can transform their heating control experience.