Festive Party Diary Shifts to Several Smaller Events

In a bid to avoid repeat of last year, millions of people are opting for several smaller get togethers this festive season rather than having a big Christmas bash.

The research of 2,000 UK adults, commissioned by hospitality job board, has found that half (49%) of under 35s are scaling back on big parties in favour of multiple gatherings and 7.1 million people are planning 5-10 get togethers in pubs, restaurants and bars over the festive season.

Nationally, over a quarter (27%) of people – equating to 13.2 million – are taking a similar approach by opting for several smaller events.

After pubs and restaurants were forced to close last year, the report highlights how much public appreciation for the hospitality sector has grown. Over a third (35%) say that hospitality staff have a massive impact on how much they enjoy the Christmas period and over a quarter (28%) say going to the pub at Christmas is their favourite tradition.

Those working in the sector could also be in for a Christmas boost, with almost a third (29%) of people pledging to leave staff a larger tip than usual to show support for the sector.

With fears of missing out on seeing friends and family again, a quarter of people have started celebrating Christmas earlier than ever this year.  Bigger work gatherings have also been brought forward and 2.8 million people have already had their office party in November or before.

Kathy Dyball, Director at comments: “The hospitality sector is a vital ingredient in bringing people together at Christmas and although safety remains a priority, people clearly don’t want to miss out again. The demand for hospitality as people make up for last year’s ‘lost Christmas’ continues to be evidenced by growth in jobs and we’re seeing employers increase pay and perks to attract the best talent.”