Historic Pub Must be Rebuilt After it Was Illegally Demolished

A court has ordered that a Grade II listed pub which was illegally demolished must be rebuilt within a year and five people have been ordered to pay a total of nearly £70,000 for their part in demolishing the Punch Bowl Inn.

Ribble Valley Borough Council, which brought the case to court, said the grade II listed pub on Longridge Road, Hurst Green, was bulldozed unlawfully on June 15, 2021.

The company tried to appeal the civil order, but this was rejected meaning that the company must rebuild the pub within 12 months and must ensure the internal and external of the building are in line with the plans attached to the notice.

The planning inspectorate also ordered that full costs incurred by the council must be repaid.

The company which ordered the demolition, Donelan Trading Limited has estimated a cost of £1.5million to rebuild the site to its original specifications.

District Judge Alex Boyd highlighted the importance of to “showing punishment and deterrent” to illegal demolitions.
Judge Boyd said: “This prosecution follows the demolition without authorisation of the Punch Bowl Inn on June 15, 2021.
“The purpose of these requirements is to protect the building for current and future generations to enjoy.”