Inclusivity a Priority in CAMRA’s Future

The Campaign for Real Ale has launched a consultation into inclusivity, diversity, and equality within the Campaign and at its events.

It is asking both members and non-members to share their experiences and feedback on interactions with the Campaign, such as at beer festivals and its communications. It is hoped that the consultation will help to identify where the organisation is doing well and where there are gaps, weaknesses or improvements that need to be made.

CAMRA Vice-Chairman Abigail Newton says: “We want everyone to feel welcome and safe within CAMRA. We need to review the effectiveness of our approach and policies regularly, in order to evaluate how we are doing and make improvements where needed.

“I’m incredibly proud to be involved in this review and want to encourage anyone – whether they are a CAMRA member or not – who has had an interaction with the Campaign to please share their views and experiences. It is only by having a say that real change can be made.”

The survey aims to collect feedback on how CAMRA:

  • runs its beer festivals
  • recruits members and volunteers
  • organises and runs meetings and events at branch, regional and national level
  • communicates to the public, its members, and across its websites, social media, publications, and press activity
  • runs its complaints and disciplinary processes

To take part in the consultation please visit this link. It will be running until Monday 14 February and responses are anonymous.