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International Chefs Day Launch For Eating For Champions Initiative

A chef consultant is working with Ospreys Rugby Club, Swansea City Football Club and other partners to launch a new initiative on International Chefs Day tomorrow (Tuesday) to teach children about the benefits of healthy eating, exercise and mental wellbeing.

Andrew Addis-Fuller, 43, from Skewen, is launching ‘Eating for Champions’ digital platform and workshops at Coedffranc Primary School, where he is vice chairman of the governors.

The digital platform is designed to encourage families to actively engage with their communities by sharing cooking tips, techniques and money saving ideas as well as providing regular contact with sports clubs for exercise ideas.

Andrew hopes Eating for Champions, which has its own YouTube and social media channels and #eatingforchampions hashtag, will spread to other schools across Wales. Four other local schools have already expressed an interest.

He is putting together a series of events, demonstrations and cooking seminars to show children and their families how to make healthier choices. Chefs, children and their parents are encouraged to share healthy meal recipes using the hashtags #BreakfastforChampions, #SnacksforChampions, #LunchforChampions and #DinnerforChampions.

Recipes produced by Worldchefs for International Chefs Day, which this year is themed ‘Healthy Food for the Future’, have been tweaked by Andrew to suit the fruit, vegetables and other ingredients most widely used by the local population.

“International Chefs Day was set up by Worldchefs to raise awareness of our industry and engage with and inspire future generations,” said Andrew. “However, I feel it can be much more than this during these difficult times and at a time when our industry is in crisis.

“I want to use the day to proactively engage with schools, children and their families to help them realise the benefits of healthy eating, whilst also taking a holistic approach to exercise and mental wellbeing, which are very important during these stressful times.

“Eating for Champions is a really exciting project, involving talented people, and I know that we can deliver something that really engages children in a fun way.”

Arwyn Watkins, OBE, CAW president, commended Andrew for launching his initiative on International Chefs Day.

“For Andrew to collaborate with sporting icons in the region to deliver such a powerful message is something that I hope more chefs in Wales can adopt,” he said. “It is great to see that Andrew is utilising the resources produced by Worldchefs for International Chefs Day and adapting the recipes to reflect the community.

“He is a true ambassador and valued member of the Culinary Association of Wales. “

International Chefs Day aims to teach children about the importance of healthy eating by allowing them to be creative at food at fun-filled workshops. This year’s theme is focused on sustainability and the environment.