IoH Members Confirm Scottish Independence Not Good For UK Hospitality Industry

The latest Umbrella Insight research for the Institute of Hospitality (IoH), confirms that 67% of its global hospitality industry membership, supports the unanimous legal decision made by the UK Supreme Court last month, to overturn the Scottish Government’s appeal for a second independence referendum for Scotland (IndyRef2).

With the appeal now overturned, The Rt. Hon. Nicola Sturgeon MSP, the First Minister of Scotland and Leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), is most likely to push for a Scottish Independence vote at the next UK general election.

As the global professional body for the hospitality industry, the Institute asked its 15,000 members their views on the impact Scottish Independence would have on the hospitality industry.

IoH Members were asked: Do you feel a Scottish Referendum and Scottish Independence is a good idea? How beneficial do you think a Scottish Referendum and Scottish Independence are for business? What do you feel about the future recruitment if Scotland is an independent country?

The consensus of views from the IoH’s Scottish members who responded, confirmed that 55% would not support Scottish Independence and confirmed it would a negative step for their business and future recruitment. With 36% saying they would support Scottish Independence as having a positive impact and 9% having no strong views.

Responses from the IoH’s worldwide membership, including its Scottish members, confirmed that 67% considered a Scottish Referendum and Independence a bad idea for future recruitment and businesses.