Local Pub Teams Celebrate Career Landmark Graduation

Liam Smith, from The Canon, Bath is celebrating his graduation from the Accelerator Programme, a training course run by Stonegate Group. The qualification earmarks him for a managerial role within the company and the next step in his promising career within the company and hospitality industry.

This year’s graduation ceremony saw all the graduates celebrate their career achievement and hard work throughout the programme alongside members of the Stonegate Learning and Development Team, and HR Director, Tim Painter, who presented them all with a certificate.

These graduates are this year’s group of talented Stonegate employees who were selected to take part in the course, designed as a fast track to managerial positions, and completed the programme despite the adversity presented during the pandemic.

The Accelerator Programme is designed to give employees the tools to bridge the gap between Deputy Manager and General Manager, through education and dynamic group learning. The course aims to build the participant’s confidence, encourage continued independent learning and help them to work together effectively as a team.

HR Director, Tim Painter, said: “A massive congratulations to everyone who graduated from the Accelerator Programme. This is an incredible career achievement.

“The Accelerator programme is a key part of our vision of raising the bar on the British pub, by being the best for our people, our guests and our communities. Stonegate is committed to providing outstanding opportunities and dynamic career paths for all team members, following the ethos of bar to boardroom.”

Stonegate Group has signified its dedication to internal progression and training. Later this year, the company will be celebrating 10 years of The Accelerator Programme, which has seen over 493 of Deputy Managers progress to General Manager.