Mark Hix’s Fox Inn in Dorset Set to Close

Chef Mark Hix has announced the closure of his Dorset pub, the Fox Inn Corscombe, due to rising costs and staff shortages.

The popular pub, which Hix took on only one year ago is shutting its doors, amid concerns which have hit the venue and have made continuing impossible.

Announcing the closure on social media Hix mentions Covid, and how tough the industry has found rebounding from its challenges.

He also speaks about the rising cost of supplies and an issue with recruiting staff. The last day of service is July 17, this coming Sunday.

Social media post reads: “There’s no easy way to start this post. I know that I don’t need to tell anyone how hard it has been for everyone in the industry since Covid hit, and the challenges simply continue with rising costs and a difficulty to recruit like I have never known in my whole career.

“And so, with a heavy heart, it is time to permanently close the doors of The Fox Inn. I won’t be making a big press announcement; we will simply close the doors after lunch service on July 17.

“But I wanted to personally contact our guests and followers to let you know first, as you have all been such a great support over the last two years since I started to rebuild my life in Dorset. The team have worked hard to make it work, both at the pub and behind the scenes.

“Sadly, the challenges were just too tough to make it work. I want to thank them for all their hard work, dedication, and loyalty, both to me and the business – they know who they are… I am feeling slightly numb having to close another business so soon after opening, but this is the reality so many of us are now facing.

“Thankfully, The Oyster & Fish House continues to do really well, and we do hope that our Fox guests will come and visit us on the coast as much as possible. Thank you for all your support, best fishes, Mark.”

The hospitality and licensed on trade sector has faced a “perfect storm” post pandemic with inflation in the sector running at over 15%, and staffing vacancies forcing operators to close or restrict trading.

The number of hospitality job vacancies reached 174,000 in June and the loss of business resulting from reduced trading is estimated to have cost the industry £21b in lost revenue.