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Navigating Compliance: Owen’s Law and Allergen Checker’s Seamless Support

Recent court cases have highlighted the critical need for robust allergen management systems in the hospitality industry.

The legal consequences for breaching allergen-labelling laws have intensified: urging establishments to prioritise compliance and transparency. One noteworthy case involved a Blackwood pub, fined for failing to provide allergen information, where the establishment’s stance was shockingly expressed as “We are unable to cater for customers with food allergies.”

This alarming case underscores the urgent necessity for a proactive and comprehensive approach to allergen transparency.

As the industry braces itself for positive changes with Owen’s Law within the next 12 months, Allergen Checker ( emerges as an indispensable ally for establishments navigating this complex landscape.

Already a champion of compliance through its labelling function, the software positions itself at the forefront of the industry’s move toward enhanced allergen transparency.
Allergen Checker not only supports Natasha’s Law requirements but anticipates Owen’s Law, offering a forward-thinking solution.

Picture a future where every ingredient, even beyond the standard 14 allergens, is meticulously accounted for. Allergen Checker excels in offering this level of transparency, ensuring that compliance with Natasha’s Law and the upcoming Owen’s Law becomes an opportunity to enhance customer trust and safety.

Not only does Allergen Checker help those with allergies it also provides invaluable information to millions who suffer from intolerances. Listing every ingredient will only encourage your customers to trust what they are eating. All the information can be hidden behind a useful QR Code to be placed on your menu without encroaching on your menu design.

For those seeking a smooth transition and an opportunity to enhance their offering Allergen Checker invites you to explore its capabilities with a 14-day free trial.

Owen’s Law is not a challenge; it’s a chance to redefine how we approach allergen management, and Allergen Checker is here to lead the way.

Follow the link and step into the future with confidence.