New First Minister Invited to Their Local to Discuss the Future of Scottish Pubs

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) invites the new First Minister of Scotland for a drink to discuss the future of the nation’s pubs.

The newly appointed Scottish First Minister, John Swinney, is invited to a pub of his choice to discuss the issues surrounding the Scottish pub and beer industry, such as pub business rates, alcohol advertising, planning laws and the Scottish Pubs Code.

The First Minister’s appointment arrives soon after Scottish Government’s decision to implement a new statutory Scottish Pubs Code and Adjudicator. CAMRA would hope to build on this long-awaited, but welcome, news in a meeting with Mr Swinney to make sure there is a robust Pubs Code to protect tied pub tenants and to secure pubs at the heart of Scottish communities.

CAMRA represents thousands of beer and cider consumers all across Scotland, who are worried about the future of their locals, unless action is taken in the near future.

CAMRA’s Scotland Director Stuart McMahon – representing Scotland’s CAMRA members – is inviting the First Minister for a chat at his local about the importance of fairer business rates on pubs in Scotland, in order help secure the future of community pubs and slow the rise of the price of a pint.

McMahon also wants the new First Minister to close a planning loophole that allows pubs to be demolished without planning permission.

Campaigners also want to see a commitment from the Scottish Government not to bring back draconian plans to ban all alcohol advertisement and sponsorship.

Commenting, CAMRA’s Scotland Director Stuart McMahon said: “We would like to congratulate John Swinney on becoming the First Minister of Scotland. While we are sure he has a lot on his plate, urgent discussions must be had to ensure a successful future for Scottish pubs.

“This is why we invite the First Minister to a pub of his choice to discuss the various ways in which pub, brewing and cider making industries can be improved to ameliorate the pub-going experience for beer and cider consumers.

“Our priorities for this meeting, and for the Scottish government, will be fairer business rates for pubs, confirmation of a decision to allow alcohol advertising in Scotland, a more secure planning law system and a muscular, robust Scottish Pubs Code.”

Photo credit: Scottish Government