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NTIA Accuses Government of Systematically Closing Nightlife

Following the announcement that the UK’s largest nightclub operator plans to call in administrators due to higher bills amid the ongoing cost of living crisis, the CEO of the Night-Time industry Association has hit out at the government accusing it of “systematically closing nightlife”.

Says Michael Kill said:
“The Night Time Industry Association is deeply concerned about the potential placement of some businesses within the Rekom Group into administration, adding to the constant stream of closures our industry faces on a daily basis. The nightlife sector is in crisis, and we implore the Chancellor and Prime Minister to recognise the urgent need for support before it’s too late.”

“The continued lack of acknowledgement from the Government regarding the severity of the crisis at hand is disheartening. Nightlife businesses, which contribute significantly to the cultural and economic fabric of our communities, are struggling to survive. The time for action is now.”

“We call upon the Chancellor to provide targeted support to our industry, acknowledging its unique challenges and the devastating impact of ongoing closures. One crucial avenue for immediate relief is the reduction of VAT. Lowering VAT is a pragmatic and effective measure that can provide much-needed financial respite to struggling businesses, allowing them to weather the storm and continue contributing to our vibrant cultural landscape.”
“Our members are facing unprecedented challenges, and without decisive action from the government, we risk losing integral components of our nighttime economy. The Night Time Industry Association stands united in urging the Chancellor to act swiftly and decisively in providing the support our businesses desperately need.”

“The nightlife sector is not only a source of entertainment, but also a vital economic driver, supporting countless jobs and businesses. As the industry teeters on the brink, we call on the government to acknowledge the gravity of the situation and implement measures that will ensure its survival.”