Proper Pubs Installs Lifesaving Defibrillators Across Its Entire Estate

Proper Pubs, the community-wet led operator division of Admiral Taverns, has successfully installed a defibrillator outside all of the pubs where there was an opportunity, with the help of its locals, already resulting in eleven life-changing results.

Defibrillators are a medical device which send an electric pulse or shock to the heart to restore a normal heartbeat when an individual is in cardiac arrest. They are positioned outside of every Proper Pub, where there isn’t already a device in close proximity, to be used for medical emergencies. They have been installed with clear signposting in a place easily accessible to the public and are designed to provide emergency support for individual communities.

Each pub was challenged to raise £1,500 to fund the defibrillator through a schedule of fundraising events. Operators were incredibly creative in their initiatives, with events ranging from raffle nights and quiz nights to sponsored head shaving. In some cases, excess funds were raised which were donated to nearby pubs to contribute to their own fundraising targets towards defibrillators.

Mark Brooke, Director – Proper Pubs, commented: “It’s fantastic to see communities coming together to raise money for such a vital cause, which has ensured towns and villages up and down the country have access to defibrillators. The impact of this can’t be underestimated – they have already resulted in eleven life-changing results.

“Pubs are the cornerstone of British life and it’s important to recognise that they aren’t just a place to drink, they are constantly bringing people together to socialise, as well as raising money for local charities, demonstrated by this effective fundraising initiative. I am so grateful to our amazing operators and their customers who have all come together to create this success.”

As a result of its defibrillator fundraising, the Group has also been recognised as a finalist in the Restaurant Marketer & Innovator Awards 2024, with the final ceremony on 24th January 2024.