In the bleak midwinter, it’s not easy keeping a cheery face when toes are froze. Ensuring our venues remain open, and events go ahead as planned, is a full time job. Hotels, restaurants and event venues are often located in older, larger buildings which require a lot of maintenance and are rarely heat efficient. But, having adequate heating and a solid back up plan should the boiler fail, is paramount to ensuring a comfortable environment for staff and guests alike.

For instance, in larger buildings where airflow is limited, additional heating may be required to ensure a comfortable ambient temperature throughout.

Clarke have a whole range of heaters which cater for all scenarios. These include Space Heaters, Radiant Heaters, Halogen Heaters and Industrial Heaters.

Space Heaters
Space heaters heat large spaces. They work by heating the air and are ideal for heating a marquee or large hall. Great as a fallback option should the boiler fail, they are either paraffin/diesel powered or gas fired and can vary in output. For convenience, we also supply trolley mounted models so you can easily transport the heat where it is needed.

For instance, a large dining hall 13m sq. with a 3m high ceiling would require a heat output of 34kW. The Clarke Devil 1600DV produces 36.6kW so is ample for heating a cold dining hall when the central is on the blink. To calculate what size kW heater you require, visit our simple calculator at and simply add in the dimensions of your room.

Radiant Heaters
Perfect for cold spots, gas, paraffin or diesel powered radiant heaters work by radiating infrared light. A safer option in locations where children or vulnerable adults could harm themselves.

Halogen Heaters
Halogen heaters are favoured in an external setting and are typically used as patio heaters. Halogen heaters are also infrared and so only heat solid objects like you so there is no loss of heat when used as heat source outside.

Industrial Heaters
Our range of electric fan heaters is perfect for external buildings, heating up quickly and efficiently. A low heat setting can take the chill off an exposed conservatory for a comfortable dining experience.

Prime the Pumps
Flash floods have become the norm recently, following snow and heavy rain, meaning cellars are at the risk of becoming flooded. Machine Mart’s range of Clarke Water Pumps painlessly remove floodwater from cellars and basements at subterranean levels even when working flat out.

Visit to see our full range of heaters and pumps available this winter.