Proper Pubs Installs 80 Defibrillators Across its Estate with Lifesaving Results

Proper Pubs has successfully installed 80 defibrillators across its estate with the help of its locals, already resulting in three life-changing results. The defibrillators are positioned outside the pubs for medical emergencies, which the public can access, and are designed to provide emergency support for individual communities.

Proper Pubs, the community wet-led division of Admiral Taverns, has more than 165 community pubs across England, Scotland, and Wales. The defibrillators are a medical device which sends an electric pulse or shock to the heart to restore a normal heartbeat when an individual is in cardiac arrest.

Each pub was challenged to raise £1,500 within its community to fund the defibrillator. Operators were incredibly creative in their initiatives, with events ranging from raffle nights to sponsored head shaving.

Mark Brooke, Director – Proper Pubs, commented:
“We have always been champions of the community pub. As the cost of living continues to rise, it has been recognised that pubs aren’t just somewhere for people to go for a drink, they are also vital lifelines for the community, bringing people together to support each other. It’s great to see this being recognised through the fundraising, and even better to be able to provide defibrillators to communities up and down the country.

“I am so thankful to our amazing operators and their communities who have all come together to create this success – this is the pinnacle of effective fundraising initiatives, demonstrating our commitment to community focus.”