Pubs And Restaurants Urged To Increase Security During Lockdown

A fresh warning is being issued for pubs and restaurants to double up on security measures for the month-long lockdown to avoid the spate of break-ins seen during the first lockdown in March.

In March and April many closed premises were targeted by thieves using the quiet time to attempt to steal alcohol, money, and charity boxes – causing damage to vacant properties.

During the previous lockdown pubs like The Bank in Westhoughton near Bolton were broken into together with 4 surrounding premises. Thieves were after alcohol and cash from charity collection boxes.

“Because premises are generally closed and empty, it’s easy pickings for those looking to profit from this time of hardship. Our advice is clear – reinforce all security measures before you are targeted!”, says James Ritchey from CCTV installer

With the busy week coming to a close, where pubs and restaurants rushed to sell of stocks of food and beer, security might have been overlooked. However, it is now important to readdress measures to prevent further stress and misfortune as has been seen before.

Pubs and restaurants are advised to consider these steps to protect their premises:

  • Reinforce hard deterrents such as considering boarding up back doors, cellar entrances and weak points
  • Add extra protection to front doors and windows
  • All alcohol should be taken out of view, perhaps into the cellar or off site
  • Remove all charity cash boxes
  • Leave tills empty and open
  • Check alarms and CCTV are working
  • Draw curtains and secure inner doors
  • Add signage to windows to say you have removed all alcohol, food and cash from the premises

“It’s terrible that we are having to issue this advice, but we will see licensed premises targeted for alcohol and cash as we did before. I am personally worried that if the lockdown deepens, then more premises will be targeted for food and alcohol – so the time is now to go into lockdown mode!”, concludes James Ritchey