Removal of Plan B Signals New phase and Gradual Return to Normality for Hospitality

UKHospitality, has today heralded today’s announcement of the return to Plan A as a key milestone on the road to recovery for the sector.

Commenting after the Prime Minister had announced in Parliament that 26th January would mark, among other things, the end of the ‘work from home’ recommendation, mandatory certification (COVID passports) and mandatory face mask wearing, UKHospitality CEO, Kate Nicholls said:

“This is fantastic news for the hospitality sector, after the critical Christmas trade was laid to waste for the second year running. Lifting the working from home recommendation is a particularly important move as it enables town and city centres, and the businesses that are their lifeblood, to begin their revival and recovery. These businesses will be eagerly looking forward to welcoming their customers back over the coming days and weeks.

“The end of mandatory certification is also a hugely welcome step, particularly for English nightclubs and those businesses whose trade has been drastically restricted by the measures. Certification had deterred customers from spontaneous visits and severely limited trade. We would now urge the devolved administrations to begin removing these and other conditions at the earliest opportunity.

“This signals a move to a more balanced reaction to dealing with the virus. It’s critical that the health infrastructure remains in place, such as testing capabilities. Some hospitality businesses may retain safety measures in order to keep their staff and customers safe, but the nation must avoid further restrictions in future as the virus becomes endemic.

“We now urge Government to consider removing existing restrictions on international travel so that the sector can play its full part in the nation’s economic recovery and so we can look forward to a prosperous and jubilant 2022”.