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Renais – Cultivated in France, Distilled in England

Luxury gin brand Renais, founded by Alex and Emma Watson, promises to bring an elegant taste of Northern France’s wine region to the UK. Renais has a contemporary palate, bright tasting notes of minerality, fresh citrus, white grape, garden herbs, juniper and flowers. Distinctive and luxurious, it has been inspired by the people, produce and provenance of two iconic regions within Northern France.

Renais is a bold and vibrant gin, with an incredible story and flavour profile, combining both modernity and heritage in a beautiful bottle. Designed to be enjoyed both neat, and in stirred-down classic cocktails such as the martini, long and refreshing cocktails like a spritz or in a classic G+T. Renais has a collection of suggested serves, including The Emma, Bees Knees and Terroir Martini.

The Spirit has been created through grapes salvaged from the wine making process, pressed Grand Cru grapes, local terroir, and a selection of natural botanicals. Renais is a product of two generations of the Watson family, where Alex and Emma spent the summers of their childhood at their family’s vineyard, Domaine Watson, which their Father has operated for over 30 years. Following their family passion for winemaking, and Alex’s history of working for over a decade in the drinks industry, they founded Renais gin.

When creating Renais, Alex and Emma wanted to ensure the spirit was as sustainable as possible. Their unique production process begins with sourcing and distilling upcycled French pressed wine grape skins and lees, including some sourced from Domaine Watson, which are by-products of the distilling process. Renais is distilled in small batches, and combined with Kimmeridgian stone maceration which the region is famed for. The liquid is elevated with hand-picked pressed organic grapes, sourced from Northern France’s finest Grand Cru vineyards and other all natural botanicals including linden flowers, cubeb berries and acacia honey.