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Serving Up The Perfect CX Strategy For Your Food and Beverage Brand

By Dan Mårtensson — VP Marketing & eCommerce Business Development, Merchant Services at Worldline (

In the competitive food and beverage (F&B) industry, brands must think beyond the bite. Simply meeting basic expectations like convenience, value, sanitation, and location is no longer sufficient. To thrive in today’s market, F&B brands must create consistently engaging and memorable experiences that foster a strong connection with customers at every touchpoint.

The customer experience (CX) encompasses how customers perceive and feel about your restaurant during every interaction and point of contact. To differentiate themselves, restaurants must develop a CX strategy that ensures guests feel engaged, empowered, understood, and—most importantly—valued. A CX-centred approach directly impacts customer loyalty, brand reputation, driving repeat business, positive reviews, and recommendations—essential factors for repeat business and bottom-line success in the F&B sector.

So where do you begin? And how do you tackle CX challenges effectively without biting off more than you can chew? Here are our key considerations to explore when enhancing your CX strategy.

It all starts with customer service

Arguably the biggest determining factor in CX is service; how customers are treated by staff holds the potential to either make or break the overall CX. By delivering outstanding customer service, you create an environment where customers feel genuinely welcomed and valued throughout their entire dining journey, from their arrival to settling the bill.

No matter how tasty your food is, a negative encounter with an impatient or unfriendly staff member can deter customers from returning. It’s important to note that superior customer service extends beyond friendliness. It includes prompt seating, knowledgeable menu explanations, and minimal wait times for food. By prioritising these elements, you can significantly enhance the customer experience and foster customer loyalty.

CX for sustainability
As global consciousness turns to environmental sustainability, F&B brands must adapt their CX strategies accordingly. Today’s customers are highly conscious of the environmental impact of their choices and gravitate towards brands that prioritise sustainability. This entails showcasing local produce sourcing, minimising food waste, adopting biodegradable packaging, and implementing energy-efficient cooking methods. By integrating sustainability into their CX, F&B brands can attract environmentally conscious customers and stand out amidst fierce market competition.

Improving CX through data mining
Data mining is a powerful tool for F&B brands to elevate their CX. By collecting and analysing customer behaviour, preferences, and feedback data, brands gain invaluable insights into customer desires and requirements. These insights enable personalised offerings and service improvements, as well as informing future business decisions. For example, identifying peak dining times empowers better time management, resource allocation and proactive issue resolution. Whilst noting favourite dishes enables personalised experiences based on customer preferences.

However, brands must exercise caution in data mining. Although data provides valuable insights, it is crucial to maintain a balance between engaging customers and avoiding intrusion. Transparency is the key to finding this middle ground. Customers should be fully informed about the collection, purpose, and use of their data. This ensures a trust-based relationship while harnessing the potential of data to enhance the CX.

How diversified payment options drive CX
In today’s digital world, customer expectations revolve around convenience, even when it comes to payments. To enhance the CX, F&B brands should offer a range of payment options, including cash, credit cards, mobile payments, and digital wallets. This not only adds convenience but also expedites transactions and improves security. By ensuring a seamless and flexible payment process, brands can leave a positive lasting impression on customers.

CX plays a pivotal role in the success of F&B brands. To stand out from competitors, brands should prioritise sustainability, leverage data mining for personalised offerings, and diversify payment options. CX encompasses more than just food quality—it’s about creating an unforgettable journey that fosters customer loyalty. Investing in CX yields loyal customers who become advocates, driving new business through the door. Ultimately, this translates into improved sales and business growth. CX excellence: the secret ingredient for F&B brands to conquer the competition and achieve success.