Slug & Lettuce Spices It Up

Slug & Lettuce Spices It Up Slug & Lettuce to become the first to launch DJ sets with Emma Bunton, powered by Startle Music

With the festive party season around the corner, leading bar chain Slug & Lettuce is set to change what Friday and Saturday nights look like across the UK from the 22nd November.  As part of its ongoing strategy to enhance customer experience, Slug & Lettuce has partnered with leading music and technology providers, Startle, to launch DJ sets curated by Emma Bunton, peppered with voiceovers by Baby Spice herself.

The professionally produced tracks will provide consistency and enhance the already great atmosphere 10 specially selected sites* up and down the country for an exclusive period before being rolled-out across the Slug and Lettuce portfolio.

Emma Bunton said, “It has been fantastic working with Slug & Lettuce and Startle and I’m really looking forward to bringing a great party vibe to the venues at weekends!”

Startle Partnership Director Ian Sharpe added: “For us a positive customer experience is everything and Startle is thrilled to have Emma’s involvement. We’re confident that this partnership will bring a unique atmosphere to Slug and Lettuce sites across the UK at the weekend.”