St Austell Brewery Supports Royal Voluntary Service’s ‘Big Quiz’ Fundraising Campaign

During November, St Austell Brewery will be showing its support for the local communities it serves, by championing Royal Voluntary Service’s new fundraising initiative, the Big Quiz.

The campaign, which Royal Voluntary Service is running nationwide, seeks to raise funds and awareness of its work by inspiring people to host quiz events in their community.

Money will be raised through a small entry fee from quizzers to participate, as well charity collections during the events. All funds raised will go towards supporting the charity’s work to help more older people in communities across Great Britain move from crisis to confidence. It does this by mobilising thousands of volunteers to provide opportunities for people to stay social, active and connected to their community.

Royal Voluntary Service is one of the largest volunteering organisations in British history and recognising the importance of its work in the South West, St Austell Brewery has agreed to market the fundraising initiative to all its pubs in the region. It hopes a number of its outlets will host a Big Quiz to help raise vital funds, as well as awareness of the support available to people in the community.

St Austell Brewery will market the Big Quiz to over 175 pubs across the South West, where Royal Voluntary Service volunteers support hundreds of older people each month through services such as the St Martin’s Liskeard Lunch Club, Lininhorne Social Club and Liskeard Community Transport service.

Jeremy Mitchell, Marketing Director, St Austell Brewery said: “Pub quizzes are always popular with our customers and I know there will be a big appetite across our estate to host a Big Quiz in aid of such a great cause. Many of our pubs are hubs at the centre of their communities, so this is a great opportunity to get people together for a fun evening of quizzing, whilst raising funds to support volunteers and their families.”

Anna Foley, Regional Partnerships Manager at Royal Voluntary Service: “We are incredibly grateful to St Austell’s Brewery for its support of our new fundraising initiative. Hosting a Big Quiz in a pub, community hall, workplace or home is brilliant way to bring people, family or friends together to have some fun, test their knowledge and help raise funds. Royal Voluntary Service relies on the support of the public to help generate the funds we need to ensure our volunteers can keep on reaching out with friendship, run social events and activities, give practical help to people who need it and support the NHS. We hope to see lots of Big Quiz events happening all over the South West and nationally.”

If you are interested in hosting a Big Quiz please apply for our fundraising pack which has all you need to make the quiz a success including posters, a quiz Q &A, collection boxes and a how to guide. For more information call 0800 731 9197 or email: And to find out more about Royal Voluntary Service fundraising, volunteering opportunities and local services visit