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Summer’s Coming – Time For Espresso On The Go!

The range and number of outdoors activities is constantly developing and mobile coffee is evolving and growing to meet the demands of the outdoors consumer in a really big way!

Fracino manufacture one of the most powerful LPG powered espresso machines range available. Our BSI Kitemark accreditation – the only espresso machine manufacturer worldwide with this prestigious endorsement – reinforces the commitment to quality and durability; ensuring that you’re making a solid and astute investment.

The trend and enthusiasm for enjoying great coffee in the outdoors appears to have really caught on – and many artisan roasters are now using the concept for sharing their unique talents for creating amazing coffees and taking them to the places that people meet for leisure activities. This gives plenty of opportunity in a relaxed environment to share their knowledge and fantastic flavours to multiple new customers.

With such a wide range of Dual Fuel models available, Fracino provide every new venture with the perfect solution for their specific requirements. Operating from LPG – in the form of regular barbeque gas bottles – and a 12v battery, connected through an inverter to the machine to power the pump and electronic control system, these innovative models ensure full mobility and the opportunity to serve coffee in the remotest of locations!

Back at base, the same machine can then be connected to a mains power and water supply and, without any technical work required, become a standard, electric powered machine again! Ingenious!

Durable construction from high quality stainless steel, the Fracino Dual Fuel models are robust and strong to ensure they can handle the rougher treatment of moving around the roads and fields their owners take them to.

Where there’s people, the motto is becoming, ‘serve great coffee – and make money’!
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