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Wine Service Innovations – Up Your Reputation & Profit

Innovative products enhance operational efficiency and empower hospitality professionals to review their wine service and customer engagement, improving wine sales and reputation.

Wine Corner Ltd specializes in temperature-controlled storage solutions for wine. Fine dining establishments invest heavily in creating the perfect ambiance and employing the best sommeliers and staff to ensure guests feel valued, become patrons, and return with guests and family. This is in addition to investments in fine and vintage wines.

For the educated palate, it’s all about the perfect pour, which can only happen when the wine has been stored in the right conditions, chilled or acclimatized, and finally poured at the perfect temperature.

What about the business side? How to entice new or regular customers to spend more? When service and products are at their best, what’s left to press the ‘spend more’ button? How about a ‘holistic fine dining experience’?

From the first step into your venue, guests walk past beautifully displayed wine walls, the wine menu invites guests for a one-to-one ‘pairing’ session in your tasting room, equipped with a Technowine tower unit keeping already opened bottles in perfect condition, and a speed chiller which cools champagne to the perfect temperature in minutes without the drama of ice, buckets, and condensation… A truly smooth operation, a delight for your front of house team and guests, who are now ready to discover a different, and perhaps, more expensive wine.

The ‘perfect pour’ however, isn’t just the preserve of fine dining. For luxury outdoor catering, Bag-in-Box (BIB) dispensers offer a countertop solution for volume dispensing of chilled wine. Putting the actual appliances to one side for a moment, they are not just fancy coolers; they offer the potential for imaginative hospitality professionals to reimagine their wine service.

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