Support Hospitality To Provide Half A Million More Jobs, Says UKH

The UK’s hospitality sector can provide the jobs the country needs over the next decade, if it has the right support from Government, according to UKHospitality.

Statistics published by the Office for National Statistics today showed that hospitality businesses created nearly 46,000 jobs in the last year, nearly 1-in-6 across the UK, and half a million since 2009.

UKHospitality has called on politicians to provide support as a priority to ensure the continued growth of the industry.

UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “Despite some difficult trading conditions, rising costs and struggles on high streets, hospitality has still added half a million jobs in the past decade.

“This highlights, not just how important the sector is in terms of employment, but also how resilient and adaptable businesses are. This is fantastic work from a sector that deserves recognition as a huge economic asset.

“If we get the correct support from the incoming Government, there is no reason why hospitality cannot exceed this figure over the next decade. Conversely, if Governments over the next ten years do no support hospitality, the sector may struggle to repeat its feat.

“Whoever wins the General Election must acknowledge the importance of our sector and the challenges and opportunities these businesses face daily. Support for hospitality must be a priority, whoever forms the next Government.”